Red River Valley Local Section

                      ByLaws  Revision  Project

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The ByLaws for the Section were last modified in 1989. Several modifications were suggested at that time by the ACS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws.

Past EXECutive Committees have discussed the task of revising the Section bylaws in accord with ACS requirements and Local Section desires. The results of these deliberations are posted as Latest Revised ByLaws until such time that a final document will be submitted to ACS Committee on Constitution and Bylaws for review and revision, brought before the membership for ratification and subsequent submission to ACS for acceptance.

Your participation in this project is welcome.

Please forward any comments and suggestions to members of the ByLaw Revision Committee:

Harmon Abrahamson -- responsible for all communication with the SOCIETY,

Roy Garvey, and William Shay

The following links connect to segments of our current project.

Procedures for the Preparation and Amendment of Local Section ByLaws.

ACS Suggested Revisions.  Note that these suggestions are 1989 and have seemingly been significantly modified by the suggestions contained in the document above.

Latest Revision13 January, 2010.   Because of the font selection requested [ strike out, ... ] it appears use of a real word processor for generation of the document is desirable because of the large number of changes to be made.  If desired, a copy edited to remove the strikeouts and highlight of additions could be generated to show precisely where we stand.