Red River Valley Local Section


  • Executive Committee --
    • We are looking for volunteers to serve in the next year.
          If interested, please contact a member of the EXEC.
Supporting Committees.

                   EXECutive  Committee.

ByLaw VII, Section 3.   The EXECutive Committee shall be the governing body of the Local Section and, as such, shall have full power to conduct, manage, and direct the business and affairs of the Local Section in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws of the SOCIETY and these ByLaws.

ByLaw V, Section 1.   The Officers of the Local Section shall be a Chair, Chair-Elect, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary { Secretary as presently implemented }, and Treasurer.  ByLaw V, Section 2.   The Local Section shall have Councilors and Alternate Councilors as provided in the Constitution and Bylaws of the SOCIETY.  ByLaw V, Section 3.  The EXECutive Committee shall consist of the Officers of the Local Section, the Immediate Past Chair, the Councilors, the Alternate Councilors, and at least five and no more than eight Members-at-Large.

   Click the Officers tab to the left to see the members currently serving on the EXEC.

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                       Membership  Committee

ByLaw VIII, Section 4.   The Membership-Dues Committee shall consist of the Treasurer and past-Treasurer as ex-officio members and one member from each institution not represented by the two ex-officio members. The Membership-Dues Committee shall be responsible for soliciting new members and collecting dues for the Section.  This latter must change with required revision of our ByLaws.

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                  Chemical Education   Awards

VIII, Section 5.   The Chemical Education-Awards Committee shall be responsible for arranging the educational activities of the Section and for making nominations for monetary  awards   to be given by the Section.

  • outstanding high school teacher award
  • 50 year members
  • Recognition of Distinguished Science by a Member of the Section
  • National Chemistry Week
  • News Letter
  • United States Chemistry Olympiad
  • State and Regional Science and Engineering Fairs
  • Web site.

   Although listed here, the latter six activities have recently been propagated via ad hoc committee or individual action.   Unification as subcommittee functions under this committee seems more appropriate.

                        Program  -  Publicity

ByLaw VIII, Section 3.   The Chair and Chair-Elect shall serve as ex-officio members of the Program-Publicity Committee with the Chair-Elect serving as chair of the Committee. This Committee shall arrange the program and publicity for the regular meetings of the Section.

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ByLaw VI, Section 4.   A Nominating Committee of four members consisting primarily of recent past-chairs shall be appointed by the Chair. This committee shall prepare a slate of nominees consisting of at least one candidate for each office and a short biographical sketch for each candidate. This list shall be included in the notice for the October meeting which notice shall be sent to all members not later than one week before the meeting. At the October meeting, additional nominations may be made from the floor. Nominations from the floor must be supported by two seconds. Ballots shall be mailed to all members not later than two weeks after the October meeting. The ballot shall include a short biographical sketch for each candidate. Deadline for receipt of returned ballots shall be one-half hour after the November meeting has been called to order. The election ballots shall be counted by three tellers appointed by the Chair, and the results shall be announced before adjournment of the November meeting. Election shall be determined by a plurality of the ballots cast. In case of ties, election shall be determined by secret ballot of the members present at the meeting.

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                         Government Affairs

   Chaired by Harmon Abrahamson, the of one was formed in the Fall of 2008.  Anyone interested in participating should contact Harmon using the indicated e-mail link.

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Awards Selection Committee

   Tom Gonnella (chair), David Mork, and Matthew Picklo to decide on the procedures and the
monetary amounts of awards given out by the Section in the future.  Will be working on a
policy for travel awards and anticipate having a draft policy to discuss before the end of the

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Public Relations Committee.

   Matthew Picklo Chairs a new committee with the charge to "explain what we do" to the public.  As plans develop, more information will be added.  There may be a working committee of fewer numbers, but in essence all 200+ members of the Red River Valley local section are members of this committee.