Red River Valley Local Section

      Annotated list of  Monetary  Awards

    The Red River Valley Local section supports various activities with monetary Awards.  The following listing is an attempt to summarize the major items and expected expenditures.  Each item is a link to an expanded description in a content box below.

Outstanding High School Chemistry Teacher.

   An award of $200 and an engraved plaque to the teacher and $200 to the School for purchase of supplies for Chemistry.
    Nomination made by sending three supportive letters directly to the Chair of the selection committee. At least two of the letters should be from people who have direct experience working with or observing the nominee or otherwise directly knowledgeable about their techniques, achievements, and results. One of the letters can be from a former student of the nominee. Please hesitate to ask the School Principal as experience shows that he/she may be more concerned with managerial strategies, etc, than in objective or well informed view of the teaching practices. The nominations should be available for final action {Awards dinner in November when election results are also announced??} in time for nomination to the region which is requested in November.

[Minutes 18 September, 1999, item 9]

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                      Scientist of the Year

    We continue to await the formal presentation of the " Summary Criteria and Operating Procedures " from the nominating Committee.

[Minutes 23 October, 1998]

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                       Speaker Honorarium

    $300 and dinner for local area speakers.

[Minutes 29 Sept, 2000, item 11]

    $350 and dinner for ACS Tour Speakers.
[Minutes 8 January, 2010.  item ]
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                     Student Meal Subsidy

    The Section provides $8 per undergraduate student towards the cost of the meal.   Students will be presented with a meal ticket good for $8 toward the price of the meal to be collected by the cashier and redeemed ultimately by the Treasurer.

[Minutes 3 Nov, 2000, item 11]

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   Student Subsidy for travel to National ACS Meeting

   $70 available to students who register for and attend.   The respective Department Chairs or Student Organization Leadership are asked to submit the formal request which must include a copy of the receipt/requisition for registration. When a formal paper/poster presentation is made, a copy of the meeting Abstract of the Paper should be included for each student requesting remuneration. Others should submit a one page essay sumarising participation and benefits derived from attendance. The Treasurer will then issue a single check to the respective Department Chair who will arrange to distribute the funds to the individual students.

[Minutes 22 November, 2002, item 6 ]

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            Top High School Chemistry Students

   Ten top high school chemistry students, parents and teachers invited to an awards dinner. Two top students awarded material items such as a periodic table watch commemorative plaque and $100 US Saving bond ($50 expenditure).

[Minutes 18 September, 1999, item 11;   22 November, 2002;   December, 2003]


    Screening associated with USNCO Local Section and National Exam results.   Would hope to have " regional - centered on Higher Education Institutions " winners with those nominated to take the National Exam competing for the top prizes.   Suggested that $50 US Savings bonds ($25 expenditure) for each "region".

                 Science and Engineering Fairs

   The offer of a material item Award such as a periodic table mouse pad, flourescent T-shirt, anniversary stamp plaque or $50 US Savings bond to each of the Regional Fair winners and a periodic table watch or $100 US Savings bond to the North Dakota State Science and Engineering Fair winner is an ongoing resolution of the Section.   The announcement of this award is sent to each of the Regional Directors and to the ND State Fair director in early January {9 January in 2001}. In that announcement each Fair is required to return a form indicating (among other things) their wish to participate in the award. Eleven letters are presently sent (8 ND regions, 2 MN regions, 1 ND State).   Appropriate awards will be on hand such that presentation can be made on site at the award program associated with the respective Fair. We ask that winners supply an abstract describing the project.

[ Minutes 22 November, 2002 ]


    Solicitation for judges is a separate matter.

          North Dakota Junior Academy of Science

   The offer of a material item award or $100 US Savings bond for the best Chemistry or Chemistry related paper (Senior high school division). The award will be made available for presentation at the awards program assoiated with the competition. The Treasurer must receive a copy of the winning paper.

[Minutes 12 April, 1996, item 3;   22 November, 2002;   December, 2003]

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                 Expanding your Horizons

    $300 for Fargo program to interest young women in careers in science.

[Minutes 23 October, 1998, item 3]

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                    Share the Future

   $400 for Bemidji program designed to promote science, mathematics, and technology to 7th and 8th grade young women.

[Minutes 28 October, 2011]

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               Children's Water Festival

through Dakota Science Center.     $300 provided in support of the program for 2002.

[Minutes 29 Sept, 2000, item 9;   1 Dec, 2000, item 5]

Will this program be offered again?  Should the item be removed from list?

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     ASBMB/ACS Undergraduate Research Conference

     The Local Section has been contributing $400 as co-sponsor of the October meeting.

Awards will be 2 @ $400 each plus a CRC for student choice award. 

[Minutes 14 October, 2011]

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Young Investigator Award Competition


The presentation.

   Talks will be 15 minutes long and will be timed. You will be signaled when 2 minutes are left. There will be 5 minutes for questions.

  Talks must be in PowerPoint and be compatible with a PC. If you are using a MAC, there will not be time for checking compatibility or for changing computers. Please make sure your file will run on a PC before you arrive. Please bring them on a CD or thumb drive and label the file with your name and the date.

  There will be a 30 minute break between sessions for loading your talk onto the computers provided. If you are presenting during the first session, please arrive at 7:45.


How presentations will be judged.

   Presentations will be judged according to 4 areas with equal weighting.

Background and Significance: For example, what is the problem and its relevance?

Methodology: For example, is the work technically sound?

Data and Data Interpretation: For example, are the results clearly explained, did you interpret your results correctly and what do they mean in the larger context?

Presentation skills: For example, was the presentation easy to follow, were figures meaningful and explained well, was the presenter clear?



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